I personally love visiting artist’s studios; it reveals so much about their process at first glance!

My large messy studio may be overwhelming at first, but there is structure within the mayhem. There are different stations for different parts of my various processes: an encaustic fireproof counter, a table for silkscreen and gel printing, a “clean” tech area with computer and printer, and a table reserved for water media and collage.  And of course there is the collection wall full of 20 years of collected specimens of all types: pressed leaves categorized by color, rocks and fossils by their location, interesting pods and seeds, and dead bugs and butterflies.  There’s also the back room full of various tree parts, boxes of bark, sticks, dried grasses and peacock feathers!

Throw in a little bit of dog hair and an abandoned bone from whichever dog accompanied me to the studio last, and you get the idea…..  

This mad mess overlooks the Fox River in Aurora, IL amidst a vibrant local art scene.  

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Private Events

I like to show my appreciation for my collectors and subscribers by throwing private events at the studio.  We enjoy cocktails, charcuterie, and giveaways to benefit local animal rescue organizations. It’s a win win!!

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