The process behind Fairy House: Trio Towers with Winding Staircase

Going to show you the process behind making a fairy house!  

this one can hang or sit, so started out with a backing for it, because Im using a hollow curl of bark. 

adding two more towers….

i am not sure what kind of wood this is, but it taxed almost all of my tools!  Had to bring band saw to studio, and that is making my life much easier! 

reinforcing base before attaching….

weighting down the red pine bark roof….

now the real fun starts!!  seeing natural materials as house components….

and the end result! 


and then i took it to the forest preserve to find a perfect place to plant it! 

check out the video to see all of the parts…https://www.youtube.com/embed/dU9ppOmlPTA?feature=player_embedded

…and how it looks at night lit up! 

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